Helen Clark as a Leader

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Helen Clark was one of New Zealand’s most effective Prime Ministers to date; the 5th longest serving of our 38 antecedent Prime Ministers (Wishart, 2008). In this text one shall learn about Helen Clark’s characteristics as a Prime Minister, her achievements during her three terms, some of her legislative implications, rough conclusion of why Helen Clark was successful as a Prime Minister and some insights into Helen Clark’s personality. Helen Clark was known as an organiser and a “political machine”(Wishart, 2008) during her 9 years as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. A significant quality Helen Clark possessed as a Prime Minister was her backroom organising skill (“Helen Clark”, 2009). She was successful at drawing in good staff at the…show more content…
For example, the "Anti-smacking law” also known as the “section 59”. There was extensive coverage about the Anti-smacking law during her last term as Prime Minister in the media (“Helen Clark stares down the barrel and lies”, 2008). One News published a widely discussed article that was broadcasted in 2007. The news article tackled Helen Clark’s change of heart concerning the issue. Both public and politicians criticised her as a videotaped interview in a radio station before the elections has been used against Helen Clark during her campaign for the anti-smacking bill. In the videotaped interview before the elections, she clearly explains her objections in the anti-smacking bill as opposed to what she was promoting in 2007; stressing that hitting anyone is a crime therefore smacking one’s child is illegal (“Helen Clark stares down the barrel and lies”, 2008). She did not state that the act is technically banned, though. Another example of a legislation Helen Clark influenced was Working For Families. The main idea of this scheme was to help people take up and stay in the workforce. The scheme targets low to middle-income families and also families with children – mainly helping to afford childcare. The scheme has raised taxes and the minimum wage; receiving an average of $125
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