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Helen became deaf and blind at 19 months old in February 1882. Helen went to many different schools to get the help she needed. Helen did many things and always believed she could achieved her goals. "Duty bids us go forth into active life. Let us go cheerfully, hopefully, and earnestly, and set ourselves to find our especial part. When we have found it, willingly and faithfully perform it; for every obstacle we overcome, every success we achieve tends to bring man closer to God." Helen believed that God helped her through her illness. "Among the great teachers of all time she occupies a commanding and conspicuous place. . . . The touch of her hand did more than illuminate the pathway of a clouded mind; it literally emancipated a soul." Once she got her hand on something she knew what it could be. Helen believed God helped her get throughout her life.…show more content…
Helen went to other schools and got help and she knew what many things were and she wrote books and essays. Helen attended the Cambridge School for Young Ladies in 1896. It was a prep school. During this time she met Mark Twain and became friends with him. Mark Twain introduced Helen to Henry H. Rogers, an executive at Standard Oil. He was so impressed by Helen that he agreed to pay for her education at Radcliffe College. Helen attended these schools to get help and to help other people out also. Helen was a inspiration and impressed many people throughout her life. Helen Keller was a founding member of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. This was the first agency to provide services to the blind. Helen was a member of Massachusetts it was the first blind agency. Helen made many accomplishments in her life. She helped many people and that only happen because her mom Kate got the help she

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