Helen Keller : Being Blind And Deaf

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People take their abilities and lifestyle for granted every day because they have not experienced having very little and being limited in their everyday lives. Many do not know what it is like to lose something or have so little so they do not appreciate the small gifts and opportunities in life that can easily be taken away. “The things we take for granted, someone else is praying for.” This quote is explains how the food fortunate people eat every day, the clothes bought regularly, and cars people ride in each day, other people yearn for. Helen Keller was not only blind, but also deaf and for a good part of her life, she did not have the luxury of seeing or hearing which is taken for granted. Sometimes many people lose their sight or hearing and after, they realize how grateful they were for having that sense at the time and appreciate their senses more. As a child, Helen struggled to adapt to be being blind and deaf. Due to her handicap, Helen did not have as many of the opportunities in life that the majority of people do. Living a life of both blindness and deafness is a huge challenge, but Helen Keller is proof that people can overcome the challenges of being blind and deaf and still go on with life accomplishing goals. By learning the Tadoma Method to communicate with other people,by touching lips to feel the vibrations of the speaker, and spelling words in the palm of her hand, Helen has proven that anything is possible. Later in life, she became the first blind and

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