Helen Of Troy : The World Of Mythology

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Poetry Analysis Essay Helen of Troy holds legendary status is the world of mythology. Being the catalyst of one of mythologies largest wars, Helen lacks no influence. Many know the story, at least in its most basic form, the girl so mesmerizingly beautiful that the mighty empires of Greece and Troy waged war over her. With that said, a story so widely known has, predictable, many interpretations. Here Edgar Allan Poe in his piece “To Helen” and H.D. in her piece “Helen” each capture their own interpretation of Helen’s story and exemplify their individual or, perhaps, widely accepted opinions on Helen of Troy. Poe captures the beauty of Helen in his intentional structured piece, while H.D. emphasizes the dark truth behind what many see as the epitome of beauty.
It is evident in Poe’s writing that he was impressed by Helen and, in particular, her beauty. Poe opens with a stanza-long simile, which compares Helen to “Nicean barks of yore” that are “bore” by the “weary, way-worn wanderer/to his native shore” (Poe 1, 2, 4). This epic simile contains a variety of literary devices which ultimately add to Poe’s view of Helen as the most beautiful woman in the world. The simile is used to compare Helen to “Nicean barks” (an allusion to ships from a Trojan city by the name of Nicaea) but not because Poe believes that these ships are beautiful but, as the simile progresses, you can see that Poe finds the ships beautiful because they carry “weary, way-worn wanderer[s]” (Poe 2, 4). Poe

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