Helen of Troy

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Since we are talking favourite characters, thought I would talk about one from Greek Mythology, a female figure that I like, and find very interesting. Well, to be honest, you really cannot see any good portion of character development. The larger story is literally involved with the rise and fall of people around her. She even displayed very little emotions and was sort of unaffected by the war outcome. Still I like her Helen of Troy, or Helen or Sparta, one of the most controversial female characters in literature, has been the literary and mythic symbol of beauty and illicit love. She was the most beautiful woman in Greece best known for being the cause of the Trojan War. A wholewar which lasted for ten years. Helen, was flesh and…show more content…
Helen and Menelaus were married. Following Tyndareus’ death, Menelaus became king of Sparta. Few years later, Paris, a Trojan prince came to Sparta to marry Helen, whom he had been promised by Aphrodite after he had chosen her as the most beautiful of the goddesses, earning the wrath of Athena andHera. Helen fell in love-as Aphrodite promised- and eloped with him, leaving behind Menelaus and Hermione “her daughter”. When Menelaus discovered that his wife was missing, he called upon all the other suitors to fulfill their oaths, thus beginning the Trojan War. Virtually all of Greece took part, either attacking Troy with Menelaus or defending it from them. The more you read about Helen, the more conflict you feel towards her true nature…To some authors she is a muse, a female figure of anexceptional inspiration. To others she is a deceitful woman who is considered the sole cause of the death of thousands Greek and Trojanmen “…and excited the heart of Helen; maddened by the Trojan man, a traitorous guest, she followed him in a ship on the sea, leaving at home her child and her husband… The Trojan plain holds conquered because of that woman” Alkois here holds Helen responsiblefor the destruction of Troy. Homer, one of the most celebrated authors of epic literature, has a more complex view of Helen’s character. His Iliad is full of negative references towards

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