Helenus And Superstition

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The gods have left the battle and the Achaeans beat back the Trojans. Menelaus wishes to accept a ransom for a captured Trojan but Agamemnon tells him to kill the Trojan outright. Nestor convinces the Achaeans not to loot their enemies but to fight on while the tide of battle is still in their favor. Helenus, a powerful soothsayer, asks Hector to have his mother and her nobles pray to Athena, and for him to rally Paris to fight again. Hector is successful with both tasks but before returning to battle he goes to see his wife, Andromache. She begs him not to return to battle but he refuses saying that it is his fate, to live or to die there. He then kisses and plays with his son before departing and rejoining the battle.
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