Heliborne Operation

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HEL BORNE OPS in the perspective of modern world


1. A hel borne Operation is an offensive operation in which combat forces and their equipment move about in the battlefield onboard helicopter under the control of the ground force commander, to engage in ground combat.

2. A hel borne Op is an op wherein the mov of tps, sup, and/or eqpt is accomplished by helicopters. It is characterised by the unique influence, it exerts on the Comds combat potential in terms of mobility and freedom of act. The increase in mobility and freedom of act provides the Comd a multitude of options in most tac situation which we have never aval in the past. The helicopters enables the aslt force to cross terrain obs, bypass hostile areas, and attk,
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Example: UH-1 (Trques) UH-60A (Black Hawk), MI-8, MI-17.

18. Cargo Helicopter.

a. Troops transportation. b. Transportation of combat support/combat service support elements. c. Re supply. d. Recovery of air craft. Example: CH-47 (Chinook).

19. Capabilities of Helicopter.

a. High degree of ascending and descending rate. b. Can carry out live drop of personal/cargo. c. Can undertake under sling activities. d. Can land from any direction. e. Very effective in low level flying. f. Short turning flight time. g. Can land following any tactical formation. h. High agility.

20. Limitations of Helicopter. a. Needs heavy maintenance back up. b. Short cruise range. c. Imposed weight influences flight control. d. Engine and motor sound effects in maintaining secrecy. e. Altitude, humidity and weather condition effects the load capacity.

Purpose/Msn of Hel Borne Ops

21. The purpose/msn of hel borne ops are:

a. The versatility and unique capabilities of the helicopter makes it the most suited aircraft for vertical envelopment missions. b. The utilization of the rotary-winged aircraft increases the battlefield mobility of ground forces. c. Makes the enemy territory deep inside accessible to combat units for conduct of offensive operations. d. Reconnaissance and security operations - to block and screen enemy avenues of approach. e.
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