Helical-Spiral Model

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Dance's model emphasized the complexity of communication. He was interested in the evolutionary nature of the process of communication. Dance said that if communication is complex, it was the responsibility of the scholar to adapt our examination of communication to the challenge of studying something in motion. Dance includes the concept of time - this model emphasizes time in that each act can be said to be built on the others that come before it. Osgood and Schramm’s Circular model (1954) and Dance’s Helical model (1967). Posted by topswot on January 01st 2010 to Communications Tagged models of communication My goodness this is a really old level 3 essay, i had a great laugh reading this one…as i am sure you will too! The…show more content…
It should be noted that both past and present communication can play a significant part in the shaping of future communication throughout an individuals life. An individual’s history of communication and its importance is illustrated in Dance’s Helical model (1967) which depicts communication as forever moving forward. Whilst the circular model may be viewed as adequate to describe the process of communication, it has it short comings; communication cannot be depicted sufficiently at a fixed level, it is forever evolving. The Helical model attempts to show the growth of communication and how it influences future communication. Dance’s model is a spiral that starts at birth and widens as life progresses, right through till death. It illustrates the development of an individual throughout life as their knowledge base deepens and expands through communication; thus the helical model can be seen as dynamic. Individual social factors such as environment, economic and relations change over the years. Therefore, as an individual’s life progresses and changes their cognitive field widens, not only through their own life changes but through various forms of communication encountered along the way: verbal, written and interpersonal. The helical model depicts this growth, the more
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