Helicobacter Pylori Disease: Peptic Ulcer

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Name: Kayla Donaldson Causative Agent: Helicobacter pylori Disease: Peptic Ulcer Classification of the causative agent: H. Pylori is a gram – spiral shaped bacterium History: Helicobacter pylori is the first formally recognized bacterial carcinogen. Virulence factors of the causative agent: The H. pylori adhesion protein BabA2 is thought to play a crucial role in bacterial colonization and in induction of severe gastric inflammation, particularly in combination with expression of CagA and VacA. Mode of transmission: The exact route of transmission is unknown, but acquisition is likely to occur during childhood through faecal–oral or oral–oral contact or during gastrointestinal tract transit disorders. Transmission may also occur through food-borne,
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