Helicopter Experiment

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Paper Helicopter Experiment
Introduction: The paper helicopter experiment involves designing a paper helicopter and by changing a certain variable acquire data for a selected variable. The essential part in this practical is to plan the experiment in detail in order to obtain substantial data. Firstly we have to identify our controlled variables which will be kept constant throughout the experiment. By carrying out this practical it is ideal that students become familiar with the fundamental concepts of experimental planning, design and analysis. Above all, the scientific method should become acquainted with by the students. Research question: How does the time taken for a
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If this occurrence is unfamiliar, ask a friend or a teacher to help you out. Be cautious and pay attention to the controlled variables mentioned above (maintaining wing angle etc.) When the paper helicopter is completed, weigh it on a scale. Record the mass. Select one kind of paperclips that will be used throughout the experiment. Weigh one of the paperclips and record its mass. Since the paperclips should be identical, it would be fine to measure the mass of only one paperclip. But for accurate results, weigh each and every paperclip that is used. Again, record all data. Pick a height above the ground from which the paper helicopter should be dropped. Select a reasonable height and record the height above the ground with the aid of a measuring tape. Now go ahead and do an alpha test with your paper helicopter. Drop the paper helicopter from the height and see whether it rotates well enough. Also check whether it drops in a straight line or in a more disordered manner. If it moves downwards in a more disordered manner, add some mass to the helicopter to make it stable. Record the mass added to the helicopter. When you feel that the helicopter is just about stable enough, the real experiment begins. Take the helicopter, place it above the ground (some height chosen above ground level), and release

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Karan Madan D, DCP, CE IB Physics SL Sam Edgecombe 2012.04.22 it. Measure and record the time taken for the helicopter,

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