Helicopter Parenting And Its Effects On Children And Young Adults

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The research of this study deals with helicopter parenting and how it affects teenagers. Helicopter parenting (Parents that are too involved) is a major social issue of concern in North America because researchers are learning that as teenagers grow up into young adults; their parents are becoming more involved in their life, and making them more dependant. What are the effects of helicopter parenting on the ability for a child to become independent? Thus, this Literature Review addresses the research on children that have at least one parent that displaces helicopter parenting and impact on children, post-secondary students, and becoming an adult? In order to fully understand the effects on kids throughout their aging process, an analysis of the broader context, in terms of the findings of the research of experts in the field are needed. Thus, this Literature Review outlines the research on helicopter parenting and its effects on children and young adults.
In recent years there has been a new social parenting norm known as ‘helicopter parenting’. With much research and progress on the topic, scientists have revealed that there are actually two categories of this over protective caregiving. Tiger, snow plow parenting are often addressed as helicopter parenting, and all three are the act of making a child dependent on their parent (A Miano, 2014). Specifically, tiger parenting is strict limitation to what a child can do, weather that is to have a phone or a sleepover. Snow…
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