Helicopter Parenting Is Wrong

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Imagine if someone did all your laundry, payed all your bills, called your professors and bosses, and basically solved all your problems for you. You may feel grateful at first until you realize that they are denying you the right to be self-sufficient. This is exactly how adult children feel when their parents are overinvolved. Overparenting has been a popular media topic recently. Whereas parents used to stop supporting their children as soon as they turned eighteen (Etterson 5), more and more parents are continuing to hover, which is commonly referred to as helicopter parenting (“Helicopter” 1). This type of parenting involves “... inappropriate levels of parental directiveness, tangible assistance, problem-solving, monitoring, and involvement into the lives of children” (Segrin, et al. 1). Even though helping a child learn to navigate through adulthood can have a positive impact on their life, parents should be wary of believing that what they consider to be best for their child is also want their child wants. Parents should only provide their adult children with advice and allow them to make their own…show more content…
People tend to be happier when they know they they are free (Dobson 3). New adults do not want to be told what to do while they are adjusting to being independent. Trying to control an adult child will only make them angry (7). Even if the child complies with the parents’ demands, they will still feel resentful towards them (7). Parent-adult child relationships should be less about dependency and more about mutual respect and admiration (Evans 6). Contrary to some parents’ beliefs, adult children no longer need to be told what to do. They should still listen to their parents advice, but in the end the decision is their own. Learning from their mistakes will put them on the path towards
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