Helix Personal Statement

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I believe that The Helix Summer Science Institute is not solely an enriching academic experience, but also a social engagement opportunity. I believe that I would make an excellent student at the Helix Summer Science Institute 2016 because, by enhancing my understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of science, I would be able to integrate this knowledge into my life. This academically rigorous program presents me with the opportunity to acquire methodical, logical and practical skills that are applicable to the real world. I am a very studious, motivated and passionate student, who perseveres in the face of adversity, while always respecting my peers. I embrace diversity, and believe that success is achieved through collaboration. I have a passion for science and public outreach, and I believe that these interests are connected.…show more content…
Through my current experiences serving the less fortunate, volunteering at Etobicoke General Hospital, and participating in the Syrian Refugee Committee, the importance and benefit of scientific research has become clear. I enjoy challenges because it is through these trials that our motivation and intellect are improved. I would greatly accept the challenge The Helix Summer Science Institute offers, because I would have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the effects of genetic mutations in conserved human disease genes, and the importance and use of C. elegans as a model organism. This program is an exceptional foundational opportunity for the preparation process towards medical
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