Hell And Back Again : Movie Analysis

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Hell and Back Again Hell and Back Again is a movie that provides a documentary that assesses the impacts of war on a wounded veteran as he struggles with the challenges of shifting to civilian life. In examining these effects, the movie includes an exceptionally depiction of the unusual drama of war and the less outrageous experience of adjusting to civilian life as the character returns home. The movie is considered as one of the best movies that shows the plight of veterans during and after engagement in war. Even though there have been various combat documentaries in the past decade, this movie is exceptional because it adopts an original conceit. The movie Hell and Back Again provides important insights for exploring the experiences of veterans in light of their traumatic experiences, symptomology, diagnosis, their response, and recovery process. Assessment of the Traumatic Experience The movie Hell and Back Again adopts an original conceit that distinguishes it from the numerous combat documentaries that have been performed in the past 10 years (Kohn, 2011). It depicts the traumatic experiences of Sgt. Nathan Harris during two decisive periods in his life. These two seminal periods in the sergeant’s life are fueled by the bullet wound he received in his rear during an attack on a Taliban stronghold that sent him home prematurely. In addition to being temporarily incapable of walking and unsure of his future in the army, Harris struggled through his everyday
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