Hell And Back Dante 's Journey Through Hell

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To Hell And Back Dante’s Journey Through Hell The Inferno is a classic novel that tells of Dante’s journey through hell and his rise to purgatory. The book was written by Dante Alighieri as the first part of his Divine Comedy. This trilogy consists of The Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise (heaven). Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno was a literary inspiration that depicts the beliefs of Christianity and the flaws of human nature through the use of Homer’s, Virgil 's, Milton’s, and Shakespeare’s writing styles. In order to understand this book one must first understand Dante Alighieri’s background and time period. "Dante Alghieri, one of the most famous poets of all times, was born as Durange Alghieri in Florence, Italy in…show more content…
He continued to write about her through his love poems which were later published. As a young man, Alighieri had an interest in many things that boys his age weren’t interested in at all. "These subjects includes Tuscan Poetry, painting, and music. During his lifetime, Dante met many famous poets like Guid Cavaicarti, Lapo Gianni, Cina da Pistola and many others(Academy of American Poets, 2013).” Dante did everything he wanted to do in his lifetime. "After studying Tuscan poetry, painting, and music, Dante turned his focus to philosophy(Academy of American Poets, 2013).” Later in his life he became a doctor that had the right to prepare and dispense medicine, also known as a pharmacist. "In his twenties and thirties, he took an active part in local public affairs(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." "Dante, along with many others were affected by the Guelph - Ghibellines conflict, a political division of royalty between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." Due to the fact that Dante fought on the side of the Guelphs, he was ousted from Florence. "An outcast, Dante wandered Italy for several years, beginning to outline La Commedia, his greatest work(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." While exiled, Dante also finished The Divine Comedy which he started in 1305 and finished in 1320. "Dante died a year later in September of 1321 in Ravenna, Italy, most likely to malarial fever(Academy of American Poets,
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