Hell And Back Dante 's Journey Through Hell

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To Hell And Back Dante’s Journey Through Hell

The Inferno is a classic novel that tells of Dante’s journey through hell and his rise to purgatory. The book was written by Dante Alighieri as the first part of his Divine Comedy. This trilogy consists of The Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise (heaven). Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno was a literary inspiration that depicts the beliefs of Christianity and the flaws of human nature through the use of Homer’s, Virgil 's, Milton’s, and Shakespeare’s writing styles. In order to understand this book one must first understand Dante Alighieri’s background and time period. "Dante Alghieri, one of the most famous poets of all times, was born as Durange Alghieri in Florence, Italy in 1265(Academy of American Poets, 2013)". Dante was born into a rather wealthy and educated family compared to other during this period in time. When Dante was seven years of age, his mother suddenly passed away. "His father later remarried and he also had two more children(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." "When Dante was nine years old, he fell in love with a young girl named Beatrice Portinari(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." The two were so head over heels for each other, it was said to be love at first sight. When Dante turned twelve, he became engaged to a beautiful lady. "Her name was Gemma D. Manetto Donati(Academy of American Poets, 2013)." Although Dante was engaged, he was still in love with Beatrice. Beatrice died a couple of years…
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