Hellenistic Gardens From The Middle Ages: Monastic Gardens

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The monastic gardens from the Middle ages were very practical. The monks used gardens as a means to survival. They tended them in order to get food, medicine from the plants, and peace from the solitude of gardening. There were quite a few different types of gardens including one for vegetables, one for medicinal plants, orchards, and cloisters. The many gardens of the monastery were constructed because of the many duties the monks took on. They used many of the plants they grew to provide food and medicinal treatment for the community and any travelers who needed aid. The monks followed the Rules of Benedict, which urged them to tend to those passing by and the ill. The monks were also encouraged to tend the gardens as it was a way to distress and maintain serenity.…show more content…
Gall. Set in Switzerland, this monastery garden was skillfully designed around 820 A.D. The layout is among one of the most intricate and meticulous ever designed for a monastery garden. The arrangement called for compartmentalization that allowed for a school, a church, a hospital, homes, places to grow food and places for meditation gardens. The garden layout called for the construction of physic and cloister gardens. They needed places to grow flowers and herbs such as roses, rosemary, lilies and sage. The resting burial place for the monks were also drawn to be surrounded by trees bearing
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