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Ana Magalhaes David Frisch ENC 1102 30 January 2016 The Morality of Animal Testing in Cosmetic Companies Preface The ethical treatment of animal testing is a controversial topic in the field of zoology. Different aspects on animal testing range from positivity to negativity. Animals such as dogs and rats are used for experimental trials because they have been found to have psychological and genetic correlations that relate to humans. Although the benefits and improvements to modern medicine made it possible to ban animal experimentation completely, animals are still the main subjects in cosmetic industries. Something important to keep in mind when it comes to animal experimentation is that, “Most experimentation has nothing to do…show more content…
Lauerman, John F. "Animal Research." Harvard Magazine 1999: Print. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. This source discusses the controversial debate on allowing animal testing. It explains the logic behind banning animal experimentation and why there are so many organizations fighting against it. It also analysis the history behind the Animal Welfare Act and reasons that made individuals agree with such events. This is article is very credible when it comes to facts and it gives a summarized history of the beginning of the disagreement of animal testing in the cosmetic industry. It also gives a new perspective of this controversial debate and explains how this disagreement has stretched further and further until it has lead to much advancement in the medical field. PETA. "Animals Used For Experimentation." Peta.org. PETA, 2012. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. The PETA website includes the many conditions that are enforced upon animals that are kept in captivity for years to be cruelly tested on. In this article it shows the conditions they have to live in the laboratories and how they have to wait in misery. Even though this is a bias source and this organization is considered extremist, it gives many effective and reliable alternatives. For example, many organizations listed on the PETA website promote the use of humans in testing clamming that it will provide many jobs to people with a lower-income. The main point of this source is to explain the different uses of

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