Hello Fresh: Perceptual Matrix

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The brand matrix is conducted based on a survey of Toronto Life Newspaper. Based on the perceptual matrix above, Hello Fresh offers high cost meal with not much difference in product variety. In other to win the competition, Hello Fresh should focus on reducing listed price, and increase selection of recipes
In order to manage the operation of HelloFresh across 9 countries, there are 16 people in executive board, ranging from regional to global directors. There are four departments, including Finance, Operation, Technology, Product Development.

Key Processes:
Supply chain plays the key role in the operation of HelloFresh. Food box must reach the customers fresh, clean and on time. In order to do that, HelloFresh build a platform so that
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HelloFresh partners with local transportation service in order to deliver all of the boxes correctly and on time.
Marketing aspect: HelloFresh are growing rapidly internationally. In all of their current markets, they are new and have to invest in promoting their products.
This product helps their customer to enjoy home-cooked meals without wasting time in different supermarkets to find enough ingredients. Besides, Hello Fresh reported that they contribute to the environment by reducing wasted food by 60% because they only deliver necessary amount of ingredients. People do not have to buy a new type of sauce, or some specific spices, such as curry powder in big portion and then let them be perished.
Interesting Fact
• Actually, this is a new idea but not a unique one. There are at least 5 companies that offer the same services in Canada. However, like any other start-ups, idea is just the beginning. It is the way they execute their initial idea that worth studying.
• HelloFresh’s angel investor is Rocket Internet, an organization stands behind several e-commerce food-related
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