“Hello Ladies (And Gentlemen)”, Ever Wonder What Other

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“Hello ladies (and gentlemen)”, ever wonder what other meanings commercial ads bring to the table? Generally often used to attract buyers and consumers, some popular ads were created to have an appeal to the topic of a certain gender in order to endorse that product advertised. Commercial ads can give a very positive appeal, or even a negative one, being a widespread topic that could be considered as controversial to many today. Gender in advertisements can create an influence upon those who are currently viewing it, and may even convince the viewer to buy that specific product. Gender can also be used to advertise certain products that pull in the interest of men or women. Seen often during commercial breaks during your favorite show, the…show more content…
With strong physique and appeal to women, Mustafa is seen as that “ladies’ man”, often that dream image that all men want to be seen as. There is that “manly air of toughness, confidence, and self-reliance” (Devor 393) that is viewed among the image of a real man through this advertisement. The Old Spice ads create that male gender characteristic with the low voice, muscular body, and appearance of wealth. This is not exactly what men are, but it is almost what men are expected to be. The masculine appeal seen by both Crews and Mustafa, almost make men consider “If I use this product, I’ll become like them.”, leading to more men buying the product to become just like the men they watch in the ad. Rather than putting actual work into achieving the body or the success, the situation is set by the product to achieve that with just Old Spice. The masculine body is created as that stereotype of all men and in order to be a man you must have that type of body in order to get the woman. With Old Spice, men, or even boys are convinced that using this product will make them to gain more masculinity. What Mustafa and Crews are demonstrating, are that of “movements that are abrupt and stiff, communicating force and threat rather than flexibility and cooperation, make(ing) an actor look more masculine” (Devor 394). A majority of the time throughout the ad, Mustafa is mainly just standing there, justifying to the “abrupt and

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