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Hello Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Production Company, I am Jack Dunavant, and I will be presenting a revolutionary film idea with my co-workers Chase Cheeney and Michael Monteleone. We will be discussing the rationale regarding why our film SkyHawk would be a great addition to the production company’s filmography. The summation of our work over the last few years has yielded a product that we are confident will become a widespread success. This secret agent film relates to the present American culture. If we take a look at successful secret agent films in the past several years, it is easy to focus solely on the industry giants of James Bond, Mission Impossible, and The Bourne Series. James Bond, while a great agent, is obviously unable to embody our country’s culture and lifestyle. The following two series are centered around American intelligence, but these agents are rogue and offer a counter to society’s normal structure. SkyHawk will be an American influenced spy film that showcases the importance of diplomatic relations with our country’s leaders. Working in a direct relationship with the President ensures that our main character, Agent Hawk, will be acting properly and in accordance with our country’s ideals and beliefs. This trailer will explain the direction of the film, and coincidentally take a social commentary on the American dream. While our team consists of up-and-coming actors instead of star talent, we prove there are possibilities with hard work and determination

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