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Hello my name is Austin McGrath and i am going to talk about the different perspectives that leonardo da vinci 's and Tintoretto took when creating there different versions of the last supper and as to why they did . Leonardo da vinci 's spent 3 years creating his version of the last supper, he started in 1495 and finished it in 1498, and 100 years later Jacopo Tintoretto spent 2 years creating his version he started in 1592 and finished it in 1594. Both paintings depict the biblical story of the last supper where jesus hosted a supper before he had to go back to heaven after his resurrection, and At this supper he turned water into wine and broke a single piece of bread apart to feed the men at the table. The different perspectives and…show more content…
In the high renaissance, the power and influence on religion was still as high as it was in the dark ages, but unlike the dark ages religion in the renaissance was taught and looked at from a humanistic point of view. For example people looked up to it for morals and philosophy more than a form of worship and a complete way of life and absolute truth, and because of that change many paintings regarding to religion or any other painting painted at that time had some sort of religious and or humanistic meaning behind it. Know to talk about the contents of the paintings themself and the different perspectives of the painting. In the last supper leonardo decided to make the scene in the painting very realistic, with not a lot of dramatic imagery. In the background of the painting is some landscape outside of a doorway and windows. There is a long table with 13 people sitting at it, and in the center of the painting sits jesus at the long table with his arms outstretched and on the left of jesus in order are groups. The groups consist of, Group 1 Judas is taken aback, and next to him there is peter holding a knife and looks angry, and john swoons, and then in Group 2 Bartholomew, james minor, and Andrew are all surprised. Then on jesus right in order Group 3 consisted of

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