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A Hope In The Unseen By Ron Suskind Chapter by chapter summary posted by jasemonet on 4/21 2:43 PM
A Hope In The Unseen By Ron Suskind Chapter by chapter summary A Hope In the Unseen is an amazing book; it deals with race and class. I typed up the notes chapter by chapter. There not extremely detailed summaries, but it can be helpful to anyone who needs a review on the chapters of the book.

Chapter 1 – Something to push against
Chapter 2 – Don"'"t let them hurt your children
Chapter 3 – Rise and Shine
Chapter 4 – Skin deep
Chapter 5 – to him who endureth
Chapter 6 – the Pretender
Chapter 7- Good- Bye to Yesterday
Chapter 8 – Fierce intimacies
Chapter 9 – Bill Payer on Parade
Chapter 10 – A
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Chapter 2 – Don"'"t let them hurt your children
The significant about the chapter title is that Barbara has to protect Cedric from all the dangers of living in the ghetto.

Chapter Summary: Barbara Jennings is a single black mother with three children, two girls Nanette, or Neddy and Leslie, and then she has one boy Cedric, each child from a different man. Barbara"'"s family moved from Plumbranch, South Carolina to Washington when Barbara was three. Barbara is the third oldest out of seven siblings; She took on the responsibilities of taking care of the younger children when she was nine. She worked trying to win her parents affection that never came and she was neglected attention and abused by her family. They didn"'"t call it child abuse back then. Her parents were very poor and struggled to take care of seven children. Her father Maurice was a construction worker by day and a janitor by night. Her mother Janey Bell worked an evening shift as a cook. Her parents favored the children and all the boys got off easy.

Barbara looked to men as her comfort to find love. Cedric Gilliam (Cedric Jr. dad) had a very violent father; who had abused him and his mother when he was little. Cedric Sr. grows up robbing banks and selling drugs. On parole Cedric had gotten his bachelors degree in business from the D.C."'"s Federal City College. When Barbara told Cedric Sr. in 1976 that

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