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The new girl: “The New Girl” is a story about a narrator and his friend Allison. They are best friends and both live on Prospect Street. Prospect Street was a white, lower-middle-class neighbourhood. One day a new black family moves into Prospect Street and the story describes the meeting between the narrator, Allison and a new black girl. The story takes place in the USA, on a hot, bright summer day. The narrator is eight years old and Allison is ten years old. They are the only children in the neighbourhood. In their first meeting with the black girl the narrator and Allison are quite different. The friends are riding their bikes, when the narrator sees the new girl in the middle of the road. The new girl is laughing and the narrator…show more content…
One of the three boys, the leader of the group, says that Simpson had fucked a girl under his house. Then the three boys decided to bully the poor boy. They said to Simpson that he has fucked a girl under the house, but nobody knows whether it is true, but the boys are bullying him anyway. The boys say some terrible things to Simpson. After the three boys have bullying Simpson for a while, Simpson starts crying. The situation is going the wrong way. Simpson tries to run away, but they got him and then punch him in the face. Simpson becomes a target and a victim. The boys tied him up, tighten the rope, and then run away. One of the boys, the leader of the group ran back to Simpson and untied the rope, he thought that Simpson had suffered enough. The leader of the group didn't want to show any weakness, and he didn't want the other boys to know that he was going back to Simpson. The leader was going away, and when he came back Simpson was not in his backyard anymore. The boy's father stood in the screen door. They go to the bedroom, and the father asked the boy where he has been. The boy just said that he was walking. But the father knew it all. Simpson's parents wanted to call the police, but the father has given them some money to keep quiet. The father was very angry. The boy climbed under the bed and yelled that the father has to kill him, because when he got big enough he want to kill the father. The boy panicked, and started to laugh,

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