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Section B- Caring in the Chosen Setting I am going to talk about the life quality factors that occur in a residential care home. There are two types of life quality factors, Physical and Psychological factors. There are two types of Life Quality Factors; Physical and Psychological. In total there are 13 Psychological factors and 5 Physical factors. All of these factors make an impact on a resident’s life. Every care professional uses these care factors in order to deliver quality care. Psychological Factors Psychological Security Feeling safe within the care environment. Making sure the client is comfortable and has the absence of fear and anxiety within the care environment. A care manager of the residential care home can provide…show more content…
Furthermore, an activity coordinator can provide Social Contact by encouraging clients to get involved in the organised activities and provide easy and safe activities that all clients are able to get involved in, for example chair aerobics can be a safe activity that all residents can participate in. The chef and kitchen staff are able to provide Social Contact by having a friendly appearance and attitude towards the clients when serving them meals so that the clients feel comfortable towards them, for example if the kitchen staff are rude or disrespectful towards the residents then they will not be happy and it may lower their self -esteem, so by the staff having a friendly manner this can improve their relationship. Social Support Being with trustworthy and familiar people regularly. Having support from other people. Firstly, a care manager can offer Social Support by making sure that all staff is constant and not regularly changed in order to not confuse any of the clients, by there being a recurring change of staff can make clients feel uncomfortable or nervous around the staff. In addition they could organise for family members to come in and sit with clients at meal times if the client is struggling, for example if residents are not eating all of their meals, by inviting family to join them can help to encourage clients to eat meals. As well as this, not

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