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Week 1 Notes

The four Ps are people, product, project, and process. The people are the project stakeholders. The stake holders can consists of the business manager, the project manager, programmers, development team, and end users. The business management normally consists of senior management (VP, President) and marketing (product manager). The project managers are responsible for tracking and controlling the progress of the project. Software engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining the software. Software development includes many tasks such as requirements gathering, software architecture and design, implementation, testing, configuration management, and documentation.

A software project defines the activities
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That is why it is important to involve the user when determining the requirements for the system. The more closely a software product meets its specified requirements, and those requirements meet the wants and needs of its customers, the higher its quality. The more defects there are in software, the more time engineers spend fixing them, taking time from other important project tasks. Also, the more defects that exist, the more likely that software changes necessitated by fixing these defectswill themselves result in more defects. For all these reasons and more, quality is one of the most important attributes in software and a key contributor to its success.

- The later in the development cycle they are discovered the more they cost to repair.

- According to Boehm [2] and others, the cost of defect repair after software is released to customers can be
100 times greater as compared to fixing the same defect early in the development cycle.

- Verification: ‘‘The process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products of a given development phase satisfy the conditions imposed at the start of that phase.’’
For example, is the software design sufficient to implement the previously specified requirements?
Does the code fully and correctly implement the design?

- Validation: ‘‘The process of evaluating a system or component

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