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NCCU Behavioral Finance
Fall, 2014
1. How do the concepts of behavioral finance create opportunities for HelloWallet?
The followings were few concepts regarding to behavior finance that created opportunities for

“Stress point”–when they realized they had debt they could not manage or found they were unable to create a sustainable and effective budget.
“Everyone wants a simpler way to manage their finance these days. People get engaged when we them that the site allows them to view everything in one place.”
Households also made a number of missteps in their day-to-day financial decisions that created immediate costs.

The points mentioned above showed that “mental accounting” were the primary concept of
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Shortage:We don’t know the retention rate when employees left his/her job.

Directly to consumers

Advantage:Sales face to customers directly; company can get feedback from sales then adjust function to meet individuals’ demand, by the strategy, customers royalty will increase.


The marketing cost is higher than selling to enterprise and it’s more inefficient.


Americans don’t have saving habit that will be difficulty to explain saving importance to them when marketing.


:Selling to enterprise is a better choice, increasing the market share in a short time

is very important for HelloWallet, because the market for this type of service is enormous,
HelloWallet should increase its market share for competing Mint.com, Yodlee, so we suggest selling to enterprise.
5. How should HelloWallet price its service for its direct-to-consumer channel and its enterprise channel?
● Price for direct-to-consumer channel: Because each individual consumer may have different preferences for the service of HelloWallet, charge the same fee to every consumer is not fair. We suggest pricing for individual consumers depending on the functions and demanding that consumers need.
● Price for enterprise channel: Because the situations of companies are not the same, we suggest charging enterprise channel case by case. According to each company’s financial situations, sizes and number of employees, signing different
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