Hell’s Angels: a Picture of Gang’s Delinquency

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Introduction The American street gang was always seen as a unique entity despite how it had changed over time, despite the differences of where it is located and even despite the difference in its substructure (Klein 3). This paper would discuss the unique and general nature of an American street gang. It would discuss the motorcycle gang, Hell’s Angels and how they characterized the unique nature of an American gang. It would also consider the dangerous tendencies of juvenile delinquents in fueling the growth of the American street gang member population. Gangs never just developed as an accident. Society had inadvertently produced them in such a manner that the only approach to defeating it a social problem would be the confrontation…show more content…
As movies romanticized the lifestyle and subculture of motorcycle street gangs, Hell’s Angels were not believed to represent one of the most serious criminal threats in the country, close to how traditional organized crime groups were viewed (Kelly 149). Initially, they were called POBOB that stood for "Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington” (Kelly 149). They were formed based on their mockery of conventional social values and they expressed it with petty vandalism and rowdiness. As quoted in Thompson’s Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga from the August 1965 issue of The Man’s Magazine” They call themselves Hell’s Angels. They ride, rape and raid like marauding cavalry --- and they boast that no police can break up their criminal motorcycle fraternity” (Thompson 4). There was a huge transformation in how they were perceived in the motorcycle rally in Hollister, California wherein they were described as outlaws. They would threaten people to stay out of their way if they did not want the Angels to bust them up (Thompson 6). Soon enough, they adopted a dress code with symbols of black leather jackets, blue jeans and boots. They were internationally known for this image. The Hell’s Angels were like other street gangs who were involved in drug dealing. People became familiar with the Angel’s distribution of methamphetamine or “speed” or crack (Kelly 149). Hell’s Angels were

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