Helmholtz Watson

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Helmholtz Watson, at the beginning of the book is portrayed as the prime example of a good member of society. However, as the story continues it is evident that he does not have pride in his home. Helmholtz does everything that defies what the World State stands for. Altogether, Bernard is a better citizen than Helmholtz of the World State.
Helmholtz is an inferior citizen to Bernard, because he does not wish to fit into the society. Helmholtz has always been openly accepted by the New World. He is the type of Alpha that everyone looks up to and aspires to be. He has all the women, has a good job, and can do whatever he wants to satisfy himself. Even though he has all the things that his culture says will make him happy, he abstains from most of it. Whenever women come to him, he turns them down. One time when Bernard is visiting, Helmholtz has three women are all over him, but he consistently refuses their advances. Helmholtz is withdrawing from the things that the society views as essential to life. However, he does not care about these
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Throughout the story, Helmholtz prefers discomfort to the pleasurable life of most New World citizens. He stands up for what he believes in, not matter the consequences. The first example of this is when he defends John for the soma incident. Helmholtz did not stand idly by in the situation but joined into it. He stood up for his own beliefs even though they contradicted the public’s main beliefs. The obvious harsh repercussions of his decision did not deter Helmholtz from doing what he wanted. Even when asked what Island he wanted to be detained on he replied with the one with the awful climate. He claimed that it was easier to write in awful weather. Helmholtz was not a good citizen because he cause disruptions in the stability. His views were not in line with the society’s making him a threat that they needed to get rid
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