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zz Location/Geography: The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which shares with the Republic of Haiti. The country is the second-largest island in the Caribbean, with a surface area of 48,198 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and to the south by the Caribbean Sea. The Dominican Republic has a breathtaking topography. Mountains, valleys and beaches make up the diverse photogenic land. Three large mountain ranges run through the island, including the nearly two-mile high peak of Antilles. Nearly half of the island is taken up by the large mountain rages that run through it. The Dominican Republic also has the lowest point in the Caribbean, Lake…show more content…
According to a 1999 International Monetary Fund report, remittances from Dominican Americans are estimated to be about $1.5 billion per year. Most of these funds are used to cover basic household needs such as shelter, food, clothing, health care, and education. Secondarily, remittances have financed small businesses and other productive activities . Government The Government of the Dominican Republic is a representative democracy with a president, similar to that of the United States. The Constitution of the Republic outlines three clear branches of power: Executive, Legislature, and Judicial. The Executive power is under that of the President, Vice president, and Cabinet. This also includes Secretaries Of State that have been designated by the President. The voting process is very important to the Dominican people. Every four years they vote to elect both the president and various other authorities. Any citizen over the age of 18 may vote. The Legislative Power is exercised by a bi-chamber congress comprised of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Currently there are 32 Senators and 152 Deputies. The Judicial Power is represented by the Supreme Court of Justice, the Appeal Courts, the Land Courts, the Preliminary Hearings Courts and the Justice of the Peace. Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina Quick Facts Population The population of the Dominican Republic is more than 8.5

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