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I think some of the issues with the Colleague Ticket pool and old tickets is from Anita and Esters lack of experience in a help desk type roll that relies on a ticketing system to track activities. I am not making excuses for them. But they could probably use some general education on practices that we in IT take for granted.

Just looking through their queue it is obvious that they do not regularly check and update tickets that are older than a few days. These ticket seem to have fallen off the radar so to speak. Help desk had a 3 day policy anything older than 3 days needed to be touched in some way. Customer service pending tickets for example. I try to use the same rule for all of my tickets. I am guilty of not updating tickets every now and then but I try to stick to that.
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Help desk had a call first email if no contact was made policy. I think Anita and Ester could benefit from that if it is not already in play. I also am not sure what there workload in general is, maybe calling these individuals is something Help Desk could assist them with? Your email had 57 Re authorization tickets. I wouldn't think it would take more than a few hours for one person to touch them all making call-outs and emailing followups.

Some of the ticket in the queue that are not on the email you sent out could probably be closed as well they look old to me they are not my tickets so i am not sure were they are in the process for those again a 2-3 day must touch policy would probably clear out all of those.

It is important to remember that roles like Help Desk and Field Techs need to be actively managed to ensure smooth operation. Anita and Esters roles are more on the edge. In order to get them on the self managed side of things they need to be taught good processes on how to effectively use a ticketing system and mange there
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