Help Drive Tourism During A Conference On Tourism

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LO1.1. A report to help drive tourism during a conference on tourism
LO1. 1.1 Analyse of main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation
This analysis relates to the United Kingdom and the city of London as the world’s top ranked destinations for their attraction and generation of revenue (International Overnight Visitors 2014).
The United Kingdom is currently a main and popular tourist destination in the world.
It has endless destinations to explore and enjoy, many sporting venues, art galleries, museums, theme parks, landmarks, monuments, beaches, casinos and many shopping hubs. The United Kingdom is also known as the land of museums with different cultures, cuisines, religion and politics. Its capital is London and it has many important monuments and government buildings. There are also other major cities like Manchester, Glasgow, and Cambridge etc. Its largest city is London is a home to many museums, skyscrapers and theatres. The city of London is located on the west coast of the Europe. It is considered as a leading tourist destination in the world and it is rated as the first biggest tourist destination with 18.69 million of visitors who have generated a substantial revenue of 19.3 US $ billion 19.3 in 2014.
Other tourist destinations that enables the generation of income in the world is Bangkok in Thailand. Bangkok is the second city with 16.42 million of visitors who spent around 13.0 US $ billion in 2014.…

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