Help Rescue And Rehabilitate The Animals

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to help rescue and rehabilitate the animals. SeaWorld is one of the largest, self-funded animal rescue and rehabilitation program. They have over 24,000 successful animal rescues which students would experience. They would gain one of a kind skills from these rescue and rehabilitation experiences. SeaWorld has a staff of animal care experts that can teach students their collective knowledge, because no one knows how to care for marine animals like SeaWorld. The Four actions of the Blue Ocean Strategy are raise, create, eliminate and reduce. By Following the Blue Ocean Strategy, we are eliminating the current need to gain practical experience after receiving your bachelors degree. This provides students with hands on experience and the ability to access knowledge that has already saved numerous wildlife animals. This will allow you hands on experience and always access to knowledge that has already saved numerous wildlife animals. If SeaWorld created their own certification program, it would eliminate the need for other accredited facilities to go to SeaWorld, students would be able to go through SeaWorld instead. SeaWorld would be able to teach students the best way to care for the animals because they have done it for the longest time. They have cared for and studied a wide range of species which has created a large collection of knowledge, skill and techniques. SeaWorld will provide students with access to healthy killer whale blood level databases, how to perform
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