Helped by Her Son During Abusive Relationship in The Mother by Maxim Gorky

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In Mother the audience is lead on a journey of strengthening and renewed youthfulness as the mother becomes increasingly active in her son’s movement. For twenty years the mother was held captive to an abusive, maddened husband whom constantly hurt the mother. During this time the mother became accustomed to her situation and only her son’s movement change this outlook on life. Gorky uses dark imagery and diction to portray the evolution of the mother from a fearful, weak person to a strong, youthful participant in her son’s movement. Pavel’s recurring kindness and openness to the mother allowed the mother to move forward but with the removal of Pavel her crutch is snatched from her and she falls. When the gendarmes arrived it is made …show more content…

Despite her injured state this realization only strengthens her understanding of her son’s movement and forces her to stop using Pavel as a crutch. So strong is her resentment and new understanding that the mother embraces the movement to the point of wanting to be arrested as well. There is a moment when she, in her mournful, but enlightened state, seems to hallucinate about the gendarmes. “It seemed to her that she almost heard the jingling of their spurs” (pg. 75). The mother has despite the circumstances come to understand herself as an individual in her son’s movement, not just his mother and supporter. The gendarmes she now imagines as coming not only for her son but also for her. In the end the mother has completely moved on from her previous life. Now she understands and as a result wishes that “they had taken [her], too!” (pg. 75) as she is also in the movement that they so desperately want to end. The mother begins as a hopeless, accepting, slave to society’s way of life, but over time comes to understand that there is something more. Her husband was and the other men are trapped in a way of life that promotes cruelty; a dark and hopeless life. Contradictory to this Pavel becomes the light out and shows the mother that society does not have to be trapped in cruelty. There is a way to life that is good, where people help each other and this is what the mother comes to except in this

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