Helper Rank Report

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What rank are you applying for? I would love to join the helper rank.

What is your age? 13 (Born January 12, 2004)

What's your IGN? Kode364

Are you a Boy or Girl? Boy.

What country do you live in? The United States of America.

Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?

Do you have a microphone/headset? Both!

Why do you want this rank?

Personally, I want it so I can make other players happy. I believe if we (all) try hard enough we will be able to make OpCraft boost in player count.
I want this rank so I can remove cheaters, spammers, and hackers from exploiting OpCrafts wonderful services.
Many players will experience fewer hackers or even spammers if I get this rank.
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I want this rank because if I monitor the server it would be more clean and friendly to all players.
For example, what if a big youtube joins our server?
We would need to keep it as clean and as friendly as possible.
I would love to show to players that hacking is wrong and not fun for other players. I want to get rid of advertisers because I like the feeling that I did something good for the server. I am going to invest a lot of my time into monitoring the server and making sure everything is going well.
It pains me greatly when I see rule violators on the server.
I always want to ban them or give them justice.
This is going to help other players get a better experience.
That would mean a lot to me. It would be an achievement if I am able to do something about those players who think rules don't apply to
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If I ever get to the high staff I will always try to be available for any assistance on the high-rank duties.

I will always put effort and every last drop of blood into making sure the server is nothing but successful.

I will make sure no hacker, no advertiser, and no drama king/queen get a chance to break the rules.

I will make sure even if it calls to stay up all night that the server is never violated by any person intending to cause harm.

Not even one person in my eyes will be allowed to break any rules.

I tend to try to make sure anyone who is sad or mad gets satisfied on our server and is a returning player.

I will carefully inspect and go to the extent of S.S (Screen Share) of course wth approval from any high staff.

(Do not -1 because I said this because I am unsure if staff aren't allowed to ss).

I make sure all players are happy.

I will attempt to watch PVP very closely and always be recording.

When I get the trust to, I will always have /v on and teleport, I will record each time and each player in cases he/she has some sort of esp on to see me and turn it off shortly thereafter.

I will go to any extent to get a player
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