Helpful Strategies For Helping With Math Anxiety

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Helpful Strategies to Assist with Math Anxiety In the Information Capsule from Miami-Dade county different researchers have developed strategies that a teacher can use to reduce the effects of math anxiety in a student who may be suffering from the phobia. The result of the research has found that a teacher, practice has a strong influence on students’ math anxiety. One way a teacher can reduce math anxiety is to be knowledgeable in their content when comes to math and to always exude a positive attitude towards math. The teacher needs to have more training on the subject of math so they will not lack confidence when they are teaching their students. The recommendation is for teachers to attend workshops on research-based best practices…show more content…
The researchers from the Information Capsule also recommend a teacher to not put their lowest performing students in any situations that may intimidate them. Take for instance when a student is called out to answer a question on the board in front of the entire class. These students need to be given alternative ways to participate in the classroom until their confidence is high enough to publicly answer questions in the classroom. (edgov) Parents can also do a lot of things to reduce the occurrence of math anxiety in their children. A parent should never express negative attitudes about mathematics when their child is around. A child is known to model the behaviors that their parents continuously display around them. So before a parent can help their child they have to conquer their own fears when it comes to math. A parent should always have realistic expectations of their child and should never demean a child because they do not meet a parent’s unrealistically high expectation. When a parent shows encouragement towards their child research shows it to be a positive influence a child’s performance in math. The support of a parent can make a student believe in themselves more and as a result they will become for successful. Parents should also monitor their child’s math progression. They should review the textbooks, tests, and homework that their child is bringing in the home. Another
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