Helpful Strategies For Helping With Math Anxiety

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Helpful Strategies to Assist with Math Anxiety
In the Information Capsule from Miami-Dade county different researchers have developed strategies that a teacher can use to reduce the effects of math anxiety in a student who may be suffering from the phobia. The result of the research has found that a teacher, practice has a strong influence on students’ math anxiety. One way a teacher can reduce math anxiety is to be knowledgeable in their content when comes to math and to always exude a positive attitude towards math. The teacher needs to have more training on the subject of math so they will not lack confidence when they are teaching their students. The recommendation is for teachers to attend workshops on research-based best practices for teaching students math. Also, they can become more educated about the effects of math anxiety by reading related texts and attend conferences on the topic of math anxiety. Another helpful tip is to relate math to everyday life for the students, and make sure it is relevant to their age range. The teacher can relate math to things like counting change or going grocery shopping.
Also the teacher needs to encourage critical thinking and not stress memorization or repetition. A teacher needs to present the math as a thoughtful and decision-making process and motivate students to think critically. Avoid putting students in embarrassing situations is another strategy a teacher can think about. The atmosphere in the classroom should be…
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