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Human service professionals are required to gather as much information as possible about the client. This task is completed during the first point of contact which is the intake and assessment portion. By asking the appropriate client questions, the worker will complete many forms with information provided by the client. The assessment will determine their drug and alcohol, well-being and health needs. These forms also provide information needed during the helping process, such as the client’s past issues, age, birth date, family background, religion, strengths and weaknesses (Summers, 2012). Gathering this information will help develop an individualized care plan for the client. It’s necessary to ensure that all facts and figures on these forms are factual and truthful to ensure that the client receives proper care. This paper will discuss the importance of collecting appropriate data for intake and assessment forms. This paper is based Case Study Scenario 1.
Belinda is an 18-year-old female that is pregnant with her second child. Belinda has not received prenatal care nor has she seen a doctor since she found out she was pregnant during her initial doctor visit. Belinda’s first child is16 months old and was delivered by cesarean section. She lives with the father of her two children, and they are both unemployed. She believes that they may be evicted from
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Respectable social work begins with well-documented record keeping. Concise data recording shows a courtesy for coworkers and more importantly empowers clients.
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