Helping Children With A Child 's Development

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to help children become more physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development. To help teachers to identify potential problems in development too make sure the child’s development is on target. I believe teachers need to challenge children more in the classroom, because it will help children gain the skills to work harder in their subjects. Teachers need to have a positive partnership with the parents, because it can help the children to have a positive relationship with their teachers as well. Teachers need always have age-appropriate learning activities centers and age-appropriate curriculum in their classroom this will help them reach there developmental milestones. I believe school need to help children more learning…show more content…
Inappropriate assessments can also stop children from learning about culture, language, and their interests in life. Nevertheless, having inappropriate assessment also delay ongoing process that involves parents and their child’s relationship in education. I think that it’s very important that teacher help parents get involve in their students assessments, because it can help build home-to-school communication with parents and their children. However, it can help parents prepare their child for academic success at home and in the classroom. Teachers can have workshops for parents so that they can help them through parenting challenges such as responsibility, resiliency, self-esteem, and academic challenges. Teacher can send parents Information on their classroom assessments by sending notes home with their students so they can discuss with their parents on what they are learning for that week. Also encouraged parents to join the (PTA) meetings will help them learn more on what going on with the school and their children. My experiences while working with others in the early childhood field has been a great life learn lesson for me. I have built trusting, and respectful relationships with my co-workers. We always work as a team and I always supports their development as professional. When one of my co-workers needed me I always give them a helping hand. I remember when one of my co-worker got into
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