Helping Chinese Consumers Making the Informed Choices: the Challenge of Trust

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Case Analysis: Helping Chinese Consumers Making the Informed Choices: the Challenge of Trust Situation Audit QuarkMan Technology was founded in 2012 by David Yuan. As the Chinese domestic consumption continues to grow at a rapid speed, consumers need a reliable source for independent and impartial review of products to find the quality and functionality. The mission of the company is one of “unveiling products’ essence in an independent, professional, and powerful way.” The two core principles are “Independence” and “Fairness”. QuarkMan has set up two business units, Information Advisory and Media. The reports and data obtained by the testing of products are handled by the Information Advisory unit and the Media unit takes this…show more content…
Identification of Alternatives Consider advertisements as a revenue stream with the use of a 3rd party to manage the sale and pay a portion back to QuarkMan so independency and objectivity is upheld. Use these funds to mark the business philosophy of QuarkMan to gain additional market share. Obtain additional financing through other interested parties and use revenues to promote the business model and use additional financing funds to expand testing resources and improve turnaround time and reach more consumers Critical Issues Impact on current and potential consumers and their ability to trust QuarkMan if they attempt to raise revenue revenues through advertising The use of a 3rd party to manage advertisement while increasing revenue and the effects on their ability to stay independent and transparent to the consumer Significant lead
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