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Photography Helping Criminology and Life in General
In the television show, The First 48, they say how the first 48 hours after a crime are crucial. This saying is true for real life also. The evidence is the main part in knowing who was around when everything happened, who may have done the deed or what may have happened during it. In a homicide, it is then when the evidence or DNA is fresh and had not been handled very much. In a kidnapping, it is more likely to find the victim alive in those hours, then later on. But in both circumstances, if there are witnesses, they are able to recall what they have seen better. In the end, all of these parts make up “the evidence”.
The most valuable kind of evidence is DNA. DNA is the fundamental and
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They kept writing back and forth up until the end of the school year. Throughout the rest of those few weeks, the boy kept trying to figure out who the girl was based on her handwriting. He kept searching in the classrooms and up and down the halls to see if a certain girl stood out to him, but no one did. On the last day of school, he asked to meet up to figure out who it was, but he never got to see her answer. The library unexpectedly closed early that day, due to summer break. But in the end, the guy finds out who she was by singing her friends yearbook before something big happened. A fellow student shot up the school that next hour killing many kids. No one knew who did it until the boy’s friend looked back at his film and saw a gloomy guy showing signs of shooting people in the background. That was then when the police found out who the murderer was.
It is times like these that proves photography is a beneficial source for mankind. Without photography, we would not have half the evidence that police have used in the past years to solve cases. Nor would we be able to capture good memories. We need the good ones in order to make up for the bad ones. Photography and technology in general is advancing daily and it will hopefully keep helping society out for the better, in the
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