Helping Diverse Learners Succeed

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Module 4: Discussion

The most memorable time when I was impacted educationally by diversity would be my freshman year in High School. I had gone to a private Christian school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. My mom thought that it would be a great idea to send me to public school for my freshman year. Mind you, I lived in Dallas, TX at the time and public school is quite different than private school there. I was not only the minority in school, but I was one of five Caucasian kids in the entire school. I was made fun of for being white, coming from private school, and for being smart. Just like the article, Helping Diverse Learners Succeed, I had to learn about my new environment. I didn’t understand why the kids were mean to me and why
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I wish that was true all of the time but everyone has at least one hiccup in that area. How can we all work together to not discriminate against a religion we don't agree with or maybe someone has a disability that was caused by, in your opinion, being overweight. How do you keep your personal thoughts and views out of the equation? It can be hard I am sure. I really just about died laughing when I watched the video about avoiding stereotyping. That is so true because at a job I had prior to my current job, we had a new employee and she was Hispanic. I remember on her first day a colleague had a Spanish speaking customer on the phone and she couldn’t understand her so, she walked over and asked the new employee to translate. The new employee said she would if she knew Spanish. I had to laugh because my colleague said she thought she spoke Spanish because she was Mexican. That was a horrible case of stereotyping. I know this probably happens in the classroom as well and it isn’t fair to the child by any means. It will be another obstacle to overcome for many. But the saying still holds true, “Treat others as you would want to be
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