Helping From Another School Counselor

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I was an average student in high school who took a few AP courses and challenging classes in high school, but I wasn’t an over achiever who earned a 4.0 GPA or failing in my classes. Which resulted in why I only met with my assigned school counselor once a year during my junior and senior year. Although, I did have questions regarding college, I felt that my assigned school counselor was too busy to meet with me since her office door was often close. Because I couldn’t turn to my parents, Hmong immigrants who didn’t go to school and only knew how to farm to support my family. Therefore, I decided to seek for help from another school counselor on campus. The high school counselor who helped answered my questions and gave me advice regarding…show more content…
In order to obtain and be successful at this high school as a school counselor, I would need to know and follow all the code of ethics and legal laws. I would also need to possess great communication skills and be sociable so that I can recognize and know my students, parents, and staff to build great positive relationships with them. To build rapport, I would need to be respectful, genuine, and empathy so that students, parents, and staff will feel welcome and safe to come and talk to me regarding their problems or questions. This ties into having an open door policy for all students, even students who are not in my caseload to come and talk to me if needed. To be a successful high school counselor at this high school, I would need to know and be very familiar with college requirements for different colleges, SAT and ACT exams, fee waivers for SAT and ACT exams, financial aid, career planning, and other resources if I need to refer a student to someone else. The school counseling profession is incredible. For starters, school counseling can be quite varied. Depending on the time of year, some of the duties school counselors may do are sending out letters to students regarding college and career information, working with students individually or in group counseling, supervision duties, giving classroom presentations on various things, working on summer school
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