Helping Fund For My Living Expenses And Education Costs As A Full Time College Student

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In order to fund for my living expenses and education costs as a full time college student, I have been working at this university as a front desk receptionist to the residence halls. With this particular, I work as one of the student employees who helps run the front desk of residence halls that aid first year students living in such quarters. A few of the main tasks and objectives would be to answer phone calls coming in, create temporary keys for residents to access their dorms, light janitorial work of keeping the front desk and lobby area clean and so forth. The reward system within this particular job is a bi-weekly pay that consists of an hourly wage. However, the system also encompasses a chance for employees to earn a ten-cent ($0.10) increase to their hourly wage if they are able to complete a total of 100 working hours or more within a semester. Thus, if one were to work more than 100 hours at the desk, the following semester will allow an increase of ten cents per hour.

For this reward system, the applicable work motivation theory would be the Expectancy Theory. One of the main reasons why is due to the employee’s behavior resulting from making a conscious choice of whether or not to pursue this reward of a ten-cent increase per hour. This is due to the fact that student employees do have a choice of whether or not they would like to work towards achieving that 100-hour mark within the period of a term semester. Therefore, the concept of valence comes into play
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