Helping Gifted Learners Soar by VanTassel-Baska

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Question 1
Based on the information you have read in the text and any experiences you have had as a teacher, what do you think are the issues gifted students face as they go through school?

Based from the information provided by VanTassel-Baska, et. Al. (2009), gifted and talented students face the same issues as their regular peers but they have different way of viewing these issues and it affects them differently as well. The book discussed different issues that gifted learners face and recommendations on how to address these issues were also available for teachers, administrators and other school personnel. Also, Carol Strip Whitney (2011) in her book entitle Helping Gifted Learners Soar discussed stress as a factor that can distract
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Ed. Great Potential Press Inc., Scottdale, AZ.

VanTassel-Baska, J.L., Cross, T. L. & Olenchak, F. R. (Eds.). (2009). Social-Emotional Curriculum With Gifted and Talented Students. Prufrock Press Inc. Waco, Texas.

Question 2
What are your responsibilities as a teacher in helping students deal with these issues?

Gifted learners face different issues that affect their social, emotional, and cognitive abilities. These students spend one-third of their time with us, teachers, from Monday to Friday, thus we have lots of responsibility to help them develop and hone their skills and discover new skills and at the same time help them face all the issues in their lives. Before we can even help these children, we need to know our responsibilities as educators. In the book Social and Emotional Curriculum With Gifted and Talented Students, authors Day-Vines, Patton, Quek and Wood (2009) pointed out an important role that school personnels need to employ. They said that all school personnel need to demonstrate cultural competence. Why is there a need for all school personnel to demonstrate culture of competence? School personnel must have the knowledge and awareness of the different cultural characteristics in order to avoid race-based biases and stereotypes. Whether we are truthful or not, reality is, we have preconcive notions about people/children of a specific race, skin color, etc. have a specfic ability/capability. An example would be,

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