Helping Interaction

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This 15-minute helping interaction gave me a real experience of being a therapist, making me learn more about myself through helping interaction and deeply understand how to be an empathic therapist.
This experience gave me opportunities to explore myself and my inner world. I never realized before that I am a highly emotional person. Being an emotional person is not a bad thing; however, being a highly emotional person makes me very sensitive to everyone and everything. During the process of helping my partner with her issue of smoking, I tried to use great manner to build a trust and respectful relationship with her. However, when I did not get positive responses from her as I expected, I felt very upset. Also, I felt bad and uncomfortable when my helper told me what I did wrong and what I needed to fix. In the whole helping session, I gave many emotional responses to my
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I found that I need to make improvements in many respects. First, I need to improve my opening statement to make it more clearly and smoothly and give my client an open question to encourage her to talk about her issue. Moreover, I need to make an improvement on identifying specific emotions that clients are feeling. In this session, I failed to use “feeling” vocabulary to reflect her feelings and create an empathic environment. In addition, I need to learn not to let my own experience and judgement influence the helping process. For example, when my client was talking about how smoking habit took away her studying time, I was thinking, “exactly, bad habits always influence many students’ academic performance in a negative way.” Although I did not say it, I wanted to say this to help her feel accepted and understood. This may not what she was thinking, but I was thinking it because I have experienced it before. To effectively help people explore themselves, I should make an improvement in these
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