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Statement of the Problem
Merck needs to develop a marketing strategy to launch its new hair loss product, Propecia®. The strategy should determine the target segment, product positioning, and the most effective marketing mix.

Issues and Analysis
The Food and Drug Administration 's restrictions on direct to consumer (DTC) advertising restricts content and type of advertising. The FDA allows only three types of advertising for prescription drugs: brand name, indication or both. A key decision for Merck is which type of advertisement to use. A "product claim" ad can mention both the brand name of the drug and the problem it will correct, but it will also have to include a list of major side effects. "Reminder" ads could mention the
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Caucasian men should be a primary focus when selecting channels of distribution and advertising media because they make up the largest percentage of the market.
Merck 's marketing mix should focus on a message to encourage consumers to seek treatment early because the product shows the best results and is most useful to consumers in the early stages of MPHL.
Merck needs to employ DTC advertising with Product claim advertisements because Merck needs to create awareness and generate demand for Propecia® and encourage consumers to ask their doctors for a prescription.
Merck needs to differentiate Propecia® by positioning it as the hair loss product that is easier to use and more effective than other hair loss products. Emphasizing its ease-of-use and effectiveness will attract new consumers to the hair loss market and those customers currently using other hair loss remedies.
Merck should provide primary detailing support for Propecia® because physicians need accurate and detailed information before prescribing a drug. Merck should use informative brochures in doctor 's offices to communicate to doctors and patients that risk of use is minimal and side effects usually subside and can disappear entirely with

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