Helping Our Environment with Green Politics

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There are issues of the environment that exist within politics therefore it is necessary to define the terms environmentalism, ecologist and green politics. These terms have been used in a variety of ways and of which can be fully understood, so there are in no case accepted definitions. Ecologism refers to a movement that looks to change the nature of humankind’s relationship to its physical environment. It is widely based on the science of ecology which would then suggest it is an ideology in its full sense. Ecologists propose forming a necessary base or core of central importance to the nature of society in order to bring about equally fundamental changes in human kinds relationship to its environment. David Cameron has regularly stressed his green credentials since becoming leader and describes himself as passionate about our environment and how the environment would be a top priority. He feels politicians of all parties have treated the environment as a second thought and something they need to express support to but can safely ignore. All this has to change for it is a fact to our state of existing that both as a nation and as individuals, the quality of life agenda is at the centre of political agenda. Last year there was a report by the association of British insurers with whom found claims that storms and flood damage in the UK had doubled in the UK in the period 1998-2003; The figures had risen dramatically compared to five years ago. (Cameron, D 2005)
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