Helping Skills

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Helping Skills Case Study: Paul Willie Ann Law BSHS/355 June 1, 2015 Linda Long Helping Skills Case Study: Paul To address the challenges associated with the grief of this family the use of all helping skills can be utilized in developing a treatment plan. Preparing for the facilitation process may begin with interviewing, confronting and observing the father daughter relationship as they interact with each other. The maternal grandmother’s possible influence of the daughter/granddaughter may have to be explored as well. During the first encounter with the father and daughter interview, a synopsis of their grief and/or depression that has developed over the years since the death of the wife and mother can be established. Beginning…show more content…
Remaining neutral and with caution in your tone, gestures, and maintain the focus on the family. Once knowledge is gained of the varying issues and dilemma facing this family, various solutions or a plan can be derived. Each problem discussed represents a focus point of planning goals to achieve concerning the unresolved conflict within the family. Reducing the intensity or frequency of the father’s depressed mood, resolving the conflict displayed in the grandmother and daughters charging the father with the accidental death. Effective communication between all family members can nurture a compassionate relationship between all concerned. Openly confronting the conflict will open the door to healing and acceptance of the death along with relief from the grief that this family continues to hold on to. This family has suffered a great loss and have all hidden from the reality of grief. The goals established can begin the healing process if they are willing to confront their grief. Healing begins with understanding why they feel the way that they do. Through effective communication clarification of the problem will lead the way to solutions. The plan of action or recovery will conclude with goals documented. The goals will be reevaluated as the healing process advances and the family continues to address their underlying issues. Reference: Burger, W. R. (n.d.). Human Services In Historical Perspictive. In Human Services in Contemporary
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