Helping Stop Child Abuse

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David Bendorf Mrs. Gordon Language Arts 4 2, March 2016 HelpGuide: Helping Stop Child Abuse Did you know that “ninety percent of American Children are abused by someone they know or trust (“Statistic of Child Abuse” 1)? Today, there are three categories of child abuse. The three types consist of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. All these three types of abuse can cause a child to be petrified to go out in public, or sadly, even see their abusive parents if they are the abuser. An obvious fact that most people can assume is, any child that is abused will have a rough life in the future. This is why The HelpGuide Organization is working to eliminate teen child abuse through: explaining the different types of child abuse, telling about warning signs, and educating people on how and what to do to stop child abuse. Child Abuse Child abuse is a big issue that needs to be stopped. The definition of child abuse is “mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating and sexual molestation” (“Dictonary” 1). Parents should be loving, caring, and not abusing the child for no intention. When abuse occurs, there are numerous consequences. In minor cases, “parents have to go through parent training” (“Legal Consequences” 1). In more extreme cases, kids may be placed in foster care temporarily or permanently and in extreme cases, complete forfeiture of parental rights. Child mistreatment can go from diminutive problems occurring which
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