Helping The Community Is A Big Part In How Our World Grows

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Helping the community is a big part in how our world grows and improves every day. It is important to learn to be compassionate and to be willing to give something back in a community. Unfortunately many people rarely or never volunteer in their cities and this is harming our country. I believe everyone should be required to volunteer even if it is only for a few days or a couple of hours a week in order to show some acts of charity in their everyday lives. There are several philosophers that hold beliefs that would support the concept of a mandatory volunteer program. If the main goal of a modern society is to be as successful as possible we should be willing to help give people who are less fortunate a chance to be successful as well.…show more content…
These characteristics could be used to describe someone who actively contributes to his or her community in a selfless way. Giving to society by helping out people in need, being involved in politics, and other acts of charity, are the moral practices that will help us fill our needs and lead the path to a happy life. Aristotle ultimately explains that we do things because they are right not because there is a personal reward once we are done. One of Aristotle 's beliefs are that he knows that good actions are more than likely the reward themselves because you are doing good. Being charitable in accordance to Aristotle 's beliefs, show that we should want to volunteer in our communities because it is the right thing to do not because it benefits us which is the entire point of being charitable. Being charitable is not only proclaimed to be good by Aristotle, a higher power also endorses the acts of charity. The divine command theory, which was popularized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is the ethical way of thinking that depicts good as the things that God commands. For example acts like murder and thievery are looked at to be immoral acts even if there is reasoning that would make them more valid like self defense. To follow the divine command theory is to follow God 's law without personal interpretation of what we think could be passed as morally sound. God’s word praises charity for example in the bible “Hebrews 13:16” it is
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