Helping The Homeless And The Hungry

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Helping the Homeless and the Hungry How does a person help someone who is mentally and physically under nourished? A person whom has gone through one of the hardest struggles in life and barely passing by? As a person who possibly has never experienced this in the least, start by helping a person who has gone through so much? A person terribly struggling, whether homeless or hungry. Or both. And how do they make it out of such a deep endeavor? These are the questions that can be asked in a number of ways and by a number of people; most likely more than we think. Questions that should not only be answered, but be encouraged to engage with to expand the knowledge of a man 's brain by simply explaining problems that everyone should be aware of. This important issue is perhaps one of the most ample problems the human race contains right now. It may be widely known, but by far not the most helped cause. “Our economic system causes poverty when a few (the 1 percent) make millions and many (of the other 99 percent) can’t find a job at all, let alone one that pays a living wage so workers don’t need Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or other government programs” (Feed The). Instead of contributing to terminate this issue, people living in this country are more occupied fighting the battle of gay rights than fighting against hunger. This country should be very capable of maintaining the amount of the homeless and hungry to a minimum, yet here we are.
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